The first CMO CIRCLE will be hosted by Iris Baugatz, General Manager of the highly individual boutique hotel “Hotel am Steinplatz”.

“The team of the Hotel am Steinplatz consists of many creative minds which always strive for new ideas. To have the leading international marketeers in our unique boutique location is an amazing opportunity and our innovative beer and food pairing will de nitely stimulate everybody’s senses.”

Iris Baugatz
/// GM Hotel am Steinplatz

Schönramer Pils paired with tatar of venison /
parmesan / foie gras (malt avor)

BuddelShip Kohlentrimmer: Schwarzbier paired
with goat‘s milk / linseed / citrus aromas

Witbier paired with Fjord trout / Winterbeete /
Cevichesud with beetroot

Schneeeule: Berliner Weiße paired with fermented
gooseberries / gooseberry sorbet / lemon thyme

Imperial Stout paired with white coffee ice cream /
roasted sesame / almond